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SUB Photo is open for both studio and outdoor graduation photos. LEARN MORE

SUB Photo Hours

SUB Photo takes grad photos for students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport and visa photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.


• 9:30am - 4:30pm

• Tues. May 4: 5:00 - 7:00pm

Available Weekends:

Photo appointments must be made in advance. Click here to visit our booking calendar.

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Professional Portraits

Job Hunting

Your Social Media profile is now the first thing employers check when you apply for work.  Put some effort in to your online presence with a professional-looking portrait!

Residency Applications

When applying to CaRMS or interviewing for any new placement, a well-made portrait creates a great first impression.  Digital copies are included.

U of A Discount

University of Alberta
students, staff, and alumni all receive a generous $50 off our regular rates!
$150   $99.00 +GST.

Professional Headshot sessions include the creation of your portraits in our studio and an on-site review to ensure you are happy with the results.  Photos will be made available to you online within 24 hours, and are free to download.  Retouching is included on your favourite image (production time is up to 7 days).  Location photography is also available for an extra fee.

Edmonton headshots | 2020_SUB_Photo-9496-EditJPK.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2020_SUB_Photo-1146-EditJPK.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2020_SUB_Photo-1189-EditJPK.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2018_Besney_Jonathan-9837.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2017_Co_Steven-9510_editja2.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2016_Cameron_Linda-8186-edit2sm.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2017_Panwar_Kannu-1771-editARsm.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2016_09_08-7005-Edit.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2017_Straube_Sebastian-8124.jpg Edmonton headshots | deLange_Rich-Patsy-6542.jpg Edmonton headshots | 2016_03_05-6844-Edit-Edit.jpg Edmonton headshots | robin.png

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