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Campus Saint-Jean graduation photo sample Faculté Saint-Jean graduation photo sample Campus Saint-Jean graduation photo sample Faculté Saint-Jean graduation photo sample Campus Saint-Jean finissants

Pour souligner votre succès!

Finissants 2022

Official Graduation Photo Information
for the class of 2022


SUB Photo is proud to provide graduation photos to students from Campus Saint-Jean.  Visit us for your chance to wear the official cap & gown from your university, and let's capture some great photos to celebrate this occasion!

We also produce class photo composites or collages from these photos - and it's easy to be included!  All you have to do is visit us and have your grad photos taken.  Click the link below to book a time with us and capture your photo for history.

Enjoy some photo composites from previous years below, and make sure you're included in the newest edition by visiting us soon!

Appointment Calendar:

Click below to book your photo session at SUB Photo, located on campus at the University of Alberta.

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Session Details:

Learn more about photo sessions available at our studio, including prices and tips on how to get ready!

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Deadline: December 15

If you're not a detail person, here's the TL;DR: don't procrastinate!  Just click the 'Book Your Photos' button and visit us soon, and you'll be on the photo composite.  If you want all the details, though, this is where we oblige.  Here goes:

Deadline: We encourage everyone to have photos taken during their last semester on campus.  It's best to schedule your appointment before your exams so you aren't too stressed out on photo day, but we're available afterwards too.

Officially, the graduation photo deadline for Campus Saint-Jean students is the end of the calendar year in which your graduation ceremony took place.  If you cross the stage in either June or November, your photos should be taken before December 15 of this year.  Again, please come earlier if at all possible!

Emergency backup plan: If you missed your deadline, please get in touch with us anyway.  We can't make any guarantees, but we don't want you to miss out!  If the composite is not yet finished we might still be able to fit you in.

Photo Selections: You can choose your own photo for the composite if you wish.  Instructions can be found in your photo gallery at the top of the shopping cart.  If you don't choose a photo yourself, we will choose a suitable one from your set and make sure you are included.  Don't worry, we'll be nice!

Your Name on the Composite: All names will be verified against the official graduation list from the university, to make sure you finished your course requirements and are placed with the correct graduating class.  If you commonly use a different name than your legal records show, please share that with us when you make your Photo Selection.

Changes: Once the composite has been finalized and printed, CHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  This means even if your favourite photo was not used, your name is spelled incorrectly, or you've been missed entirely there's no longer a chance to fix it.  Department policy prevents removing composites from the wall once they are on display, without exception. 

Thankfully we've had a very good track record to date!  You also don't have to rely only on our accuracy - we will give you the opportunity to review your listing before production.  Keep an eye on this page and follow our social media accounts for updates, so that when we post a proof of the composite you will be able to take a look!

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Faculté Saint-Jean Class of 2020
Centre collégial de l'Alberta Class of 2020

These photo composites are still IN PRODUCTION.  Samples will be posted here as soon as they are ready for viewing.  (Is this your class, but you didn't have a photo taken?  Please Contact Us!)

(Click to view a larger version.)

These photo composites are NOT FINAL: they are still being reviewed for accuracy.  (Do you see a change we should make?  Please Contact Us!)

Faculté Saint-Jean Class of 2019
(Click to view a larger version.)

Centre collégial de l'Alberta Class of 2019
(Click to view a larger version.)


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