We have tried to collect a few of the most common questions and points of interest here. You'll see some answers to our "Frequently Asked Questions", some ideas for your own photo session and related topics of interest.

Getting Ready for Your Photos
What should I wear for my grad photos? Here's a few tips on hair, makeup, and clothing to help your graduation pictures look great!
FAQ: Photo Sessions from SUB Photo
What kind of photos can I get at SUB? Learn the options for grad photos and other sessions here.
FAQ: Ordering
Want to order prints, downloads, or other products? Here are the answers to our most common questions, including a walk-through of how to order your portraits step by step.
FAQ: Baby Passport
Taking a passport photo of an infant can be challenging, but with the right preparation and some patience, we can capture the best image.
When should I renew my passport?
When Should You Renew Your Passport? Renewing your Canadian passport is crucial if you plan on traveling abroad, and it's essential to know when to renew it. It’s always a good idea to renew your passport ahead of a trip to ensure you don’t run into problems. Some countries even require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport before it expires in order to travel there. Jump to: schedule When Should You Renew Your Passport? hourglass_bottom Why is it important to renew a Passport ......
How do I submit my photo for the graduation composite?
Do you want to be included in your class photo, but don't live here? You can send in your photo for the photo composite, yearbook, or graduation website using these specifications.
Where do I get Official Grad photos?
Where should you get your grad photos taken? SUB Photo is the most likely answer if you're at the U of A; here's how to know for sure.
Photo Retouching: Will you edit my photos?
Photo editing - is it worth it? View samples of before & after our artists do their work, and get answers to our most common questions.
How much do grad photos cost?
Will your grad photos be expensive? Professional photography can cost a lot, but we've kept it as affordable as possible. Here's how our prices work.
Fun Grad Photo Ideas!
We are often asked, What should I bring along for my grad photos? My favourite answer: Whatever made your University years more fun! Some props are just for fun, but the best ones always have a personal connection or a story to go with them. One of our clients asked if she could bring her therapy pet (yes, of course) and it turned out to be a hedgehog. How are those spiky little guys so adorable? We often have pets in our studio and we love to see them!If you are an athlete you m ......
How Do Photo Sessions Work?
A graphic view of the process from booking your appointment to giving your family a portrait.
Where can I rent a graduation cap and gown?
Where can I rent a graduation cap and gown? We have a few options available for you - and you may not need to rent one at all!
Do I need glass in my picture frame?
Definitely not. Other artwork is never put behind glass because it reduces your enjoyment of the image. Here's how we protect your photo without glass.
What should I wear for Graduation Photos?
The graduation cap & gown don't cover everything! Here's what you should wear when getting ready for your graduation photos.
DISCOUNTS and Special Offers Everyone loves a deal! Here are the grad photo discounts, coupons, and promotions we have going right now. Click any item for full details. Early Bird Discount: Special offer when you order within 2 weeks Watch for an Early Bird Discount on qualifying photo galleries! If you order within 2 weeks of receiving your photos, you will qualify for a special offer. Discounts vary depending on the school or program you are in, and the type of photo session ......
Info for your Graduating Class
Life is complex:Keep this simple!As far as we can tell, the main thing you want as a council is for everything to run smoothly. In an ideal world, you'd have a minimum of extra work to do and hear nothing but happy comments all year! SUB Photo shares these goals and has an excellent track record; we photograph the same classes year after year because we keep our customers happy! The specifics of our agreement can vary depending on your priorities. We can help you make things more affordable fo.....
How to Find and View Photos
How do I find my photos? Here are the steps to opening your photo gallery.
FAQ: Canvas Prints
Sometimes you really want your photo to make a statement which is why we offer custom canvas prints!
FAQ: Downloading Photos
How do I download my grad photos? Are there any free downloads? Instructions on how to get high resolution files to share depend on the price list in your gallery.
We are asked this question often - I forgot to order my photos, do you still have them?The good news is, we will never delete your photos! Images we take are permanently archived and there is no fee for accessing old images. This has come in handy for a few clients who lost their photos, as well as those who just delayed placing their order. To get another look at your images, just send us an email or give us a call (at 780-288-8002). We w ......
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