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How to get YOUR Grad Photos
during convocation:  #UAlberta24

Set of 7 sample graduation photos from U of A in Edmonton


Drop in for grad photos!  Only available during Convocation.
Limited availability: you must visit our reception to get in queue.


Make an appointment any day!  We have the gowns & hoods.
Priority is given to people who book ahead and arrive on time.


Information on what's included and how much sessions cost.
Choose from individual or family sessions to capture your day!

Convocation Frequently Asked Questions:


Of course you do!  Our opinion might be biased though, so you should also ask your mom! 😄

Seriously, your graduation is a big deal, and should be remembered in a way that lasts.  Portraits are a great way to do that, and years from now you'll be happy to have them.  Put on the cap & gown and see how it feels - we think you'll like it.

Professional photos also make a great gift for the people who support you. Your friends and family might want your photos more than you do!  A portrait is a perfect gift to say thanks to your parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

Photo sessions cost $30 for individuals, and $10 extra to include family or friends.  This session fee does not include prints or downloads; you will have the chance to purchase prints, downloads and other products from your photo gallery later.

If you are not familiar with purchasing professional photography, please review our article How much do grad photos cost?

You certainly can - in fact, we encourage it! 

Convocation is a very busy time at our studio, so if you visit us after convocation there will be less people around – and you may find our team a bit less stressed as well. 

Don't worry!  We have the official cap, gown and hood for all U of A programs so you can visit us another time and not miss out on having the right academic clothing in your photos.

SUB Photo is located right upstairs from where you pick up your degree parchment and grad gown.  Look for us in the Students' Union Building, on the main level across from the University Bookstore entrance.

For full directions and contact information, visit our Contact Us page.

During convocation our studio is often very busy, and we are not as capable of handling special requests as we usually are.

If you wish to bring pets, special props, or have a number of extra ideas for an extended session please book your photos before or after convocation.  There will be less people around, less time pressure on your day and ours, and we will be able to give you our undivided attention.

Please Contact Us if you need help or have questions!


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