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Everyone loves a deal!  Here are the grad photo discounts, coupons, and promotions we have going right now. 

Click any item for full details.

Watch for an Early Bird Discount on qualifying photo galleries!  If you order within 2 weeks of receiving your photos, you will qualify for a special offer.

Discounts vary depending on the school or program you are in, and the type of photo session you chose.  In most cases you'll get either a discount on your order or free shipping when you order promptly! 

WHAT TO DO: Look for a promo banner with details above your photo gallery.

Took photos somewhere else?  No problem.

We offer retakes for photos taken by any photographer, at no cost.  All we ask is the chance to see the photos.  We will look them over with you and talk about what you liked, what you didn't, and what your perfect grad photo should look like.

Did we mess up?

Our goal is to make sure you have photos you are happy to share with others.  We don't always get it perfect the first time either, so there's no cost to have photos re-taken, no matter what the reason.  Bad hair day?  Lack of sleep?  Typically we will replace the bad ones with the new-and-improved ones -- or you can pay half-price for a second session so you get double the number of photos.

WHAT TO DO: Just book a photo session with us, and let us know it's a retake when you arrive.

Bachelor of Science Students:

The Interdepartmental Science Students' Society (ISSS) has partnered with us to offer no-charge Basic Grad Sessions for all General Science undergraduates this year, so come on in! 

NOTE: some science classes have opted to purchase a wall composite, so there may still be a fee for composite placement.  In this case you will still receive at least a 50% discount on a Basic Session.

WHAT TO DO: To qualify, you just need to be represented by the ISSS.  Your discount will be applied when you check in for your session.

Returning clients qualify for a $50 discount on professional portrait sessions!  We even extend this offer to university staff and alumni!

WHAT TO DO: Get more details and book your session by visiting our Sessions Page.

A small thanks for the work you do!

Student Council Executives and Grad Class representatives qualify for a free headshot!  Contact us to set up a time where your group can visit us, and we will be happy to take photos for your website and even a group photo of your council!

This offer is not intended for all clubs and groups on campus (there are far too many!), it's intended for councils that represent entire programs or graduating classes.  If your club or group would like photos taken, though, please get in touch anyway!  We have a number of ways we support social and activity groups on campus and would love to hear from you.

WHAT TO DO: Just reach out with a bit of information about your group and what we can do to help you.  Click here to Contact Us.


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