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Life is complex:

Keep this simple!

As far as we can tell, the main thing you want as a council is for everything to run smoothly.

In an ideal world, you'd have a minimum of extra work to do and hear nothing but happy comments all year!  SUB Photo shares these goals and has an excellent track record; we photograph the same classes year after year because we keep our customers happy!

The specifics of our agreement can vary depending on your priorities.  We can help you make things more affordable for your members, or use the photos as a fundraising opportunity for your class.  Whatever your priorites are as a council, we can work with it - but when you send students to us for a portrait, they get great service and excellent results.

For your council:

Free Stuff

The rewards of being on council are often ... intangible, shall we say.  We make it a bit nicer for council members by offering you free photo services!  This includes professional headshots for your website and group photos of your council - absolutely free!  (Even if you haven't booked a contract with us yet ... just get in touch.)

Do you have fundraising events?  Ask us about donation items we can offer, and photographic event coverage we can provide to help you promote the next one!

Helping out:

Fundraising Options

Some grad classes choose to use photo sessions as a fundraising opportunity, and we're happy to discuss that idea with you.  In some cases a portion of the photo session fee we collect can be set aside for your grad or student council to use.

One way or another SUB Photo is happy to support you and your graduating class - with more than just talk - so let's explore the options that work best.  We hope to find a balance that suits both your council and the class you represent!

Leaving Something Behind

Wall Composites

Look on the walls in many buildings around campus and you will see photos of graduates from years gone by.  Your photos can and should join them, and we can help create those keepsakes for you.  We provide the design, layout, printing and framing of composites in addition to the photography services.  Fraternities and Sororities are also welcome to book with us for composites!


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