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How to view your photo gallery

Wondering how to find your grad photos online?  Follow these steps and you'll be able to see your photo gallery, compare images, choose your favourites, apply filters to your photos and share them to your friends and family.

Here are the steps to view your graduation photos:

Your first step should always be to Log In to our website. 

Check the top right of your screen, or open the Your Stuff menu.  If your name is showing, you're already set - skip to step 2!  If your name is not showing, just click Log In and you'll be able to enter your email and password. 

If you booked your photo appointment through our online calendar, make sure to use the same email address to make things easier.  If you are a friend or family member, follow the prompts to create a new account and you'll be able to enter the gallery access code in the next step.

Once you have logged in, you should see your photo galleries automatically.  View them all at any time by opening the Your Stuff menu and clicking on View Your Photos.

If no galleries are visible, you will need to enter a Gallery Access Code.  This is sent out within a day or two of the photo session to the email address we were given when the appointment was booked. 

You can reset your account password at any time from the Log In screen.

You can find your Gallery Access Code in your email.  The code is sent to the email address used when booking the appointment.  Please allow 2 to 3 days for your proof email to arrive, possibly up to a week during convocation.

In rare cases, our emails may end up in your spam or commercial messages folder.  Please check your junk folders or use the "All Mail" view.  If you still can't find it, Contact Us for help.

To see photos from someone else, please ask them for the access code; for privacy reasons, we can not provide it to anyone else.

Of course!  If it isn't your mom, there's probably a grandma, sibling or significant other who is interested - and probably would like to see them more than you expect!

There are two methods for sharing your photos.  The first is to send your Gallery Access Code (found in your email) to your friends and family.  They can view your entire gallery and make purchases if they wish.

The second method is to use the SHARE icon, visible above or below any of your photos.  Click it to generate a link that will show your photo by email or on various social media sites.

photo icons

Note that if you are sharing from a private photo gallery you may also need to provide the Gallery Access Code before your photo can be shared.


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