Fun Grad Photo Ideas!

We are often asked, "What should I bring along for my grad photos?" My favourite answer: "Whatever made your University years more fun!"

We've had many different "props" come along, and the best ones always have a personal connection or a story behind them. One of our clients brought along her pet hedgehog; this little cutie kept her company and reduced her stress throughout her time at University, so she felt he was a vital part of her success. Another included his running shoes; sports played a large part in his attendance at the U of A, and so his well used shoes and jersey showed his athletic side.

Beyond practical concerns (it might be tricky to bring along your piano) we leave it open ended to make sure you know your creative ideas are welcome! Education grads often include favourite books or an apple; nursing grads might bring a stethoscope and scrubs; and people who enjoy various TV shows or movies may bring something from that "fandom" as well. There's no limit - but it always works best when it is something significant to you.

You certainly don't need extra props to make your photos great - we have lots of ideas and even simple, classic grad photos make great gifts for your family. If you want to add your own flair, however, feel free to bring in your ideas! We'll help you to make them happen.


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