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SUB Photo provides the cap and gown for grad photos taken in our studio, but if you are having photos taken elsewhere you might need to rent, borrow, or buy your graduation attire.  Here's how.

Where can I rent a graduation cap and gown?

Students visiting us at SUB Photo normally do not need to rent any academic attire.  If we are your Official Photographer then we will provide the official academic regalia for your program - that's the cap, gown, and hood or stole you need.

The most popular supplier for gown rentals in Canada is Gaspard.  They provide the highest-quality academic regalia made in North America, and are the official supplier for ceremonies at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Athabasca University, and many more schools of all levels across Canada.  You can reach them for rentals or to purchase your own by visiting:

Woman wearing University of Alberta Doctorate cap and gown PhD University of Alberta cap & gown

University of Alberta undergraduate students (those receiving bachelors and masters degrees) traditionally wear a black robe and square mortarboard cap.  The cap is decorated with a green-and-gold tassel to represent the U of A school colours.  Each faculty has a unique sash colour to distinguish itself from the others; you can view the official program colours on the University of Alberta 'Convocation Traditions' page.

Those receiving a Doctor of Philosophy (philosophiae doctor or PhD) degree wear a more substantial gown decorated with velvet panels, and a long hood featuring the green and gold colours of your alma mater.  SUB Photo is pleased to provide the official UofA PhD robes for you to wear when having photos taken in our studio.

Athabasca University cap & gown

Athabasca University graduates wear a black gown with a unique hood draped over their shoulders to represent the degree received.  The colours may be viewed on the Athabasca University convocation traditions page. SUB Photo is happy to provide the appropriate attire for your photo session.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


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