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Definitely not!  You can see here why that's true - wouldn't you enjoy seeing the Mona Lisa more if there were no reflections?  We know how to protect your portraits without glass, and they will look better when you display them too. 

Photos look better without glass.

The most annoying thing about photo frames with glass is the reflections.  The glare from lights in the room and nearby windows takes away from enjoying the photo itself.  With our protective coating you can see your photos as they were meant to be seen - clearly and without your reflection looking back at you.

They are more durable without glass.

Glass in photo frames is intended to protect your photos, but it comes with unfortunate risks.  If you ever drop the frame or bump it the wrong way the glass can crack or shatter!  The sharp edges are dangerous to both your print and yourself.  Our glassless framing provides the protection of glass without the risk - and glassless frames are lighter and easier to handle too!

What about using acrylic in the frame?

Acrylic has some advantages, in that it is lighter than glass and less likely to shatter.  Unfortunately the surface of acrylic is quite easy to scratch, even with a fingernail, so if your print falls or gets bumped it will leave an unpleasant mark.  Acrylic is also relatively expensive and does not protect your photo from ultraviolet light damage.

The protective surface is easy to clean.

When we frame your portrait, we seal it behind a liquid-resistant barrier which you can wipe down with a clean (slightly damp) cloth should your portrait get dirty.  The protective coating ensures your photo is durable, beautiful, and will stand the test of time. 

Photos framed without glass last a LONG time.

That same coating which protects your photos from liquid also protects your portrait from one of photography's biggest enemies: ultraviolet light.  You've probably seen how some of your old family photos have faded; the same will happen to almost any unprotected photograph.  The museum-quality coating we apply protects your photos from this effect and also makes the surface of the print more durable, giving you a lifetime of full-colour enjoyment.

In short: you just don't need glass in your picture frames!

The difference between our professional, archival framing process and a simple print in a store-bought frame is significant.  When people display paintings or other works of art they almost never put glass in front of it; we treat your portraits as artwork and give them the same careful treatment so they can be displayed in your home for years to come. 

OK, I'm sold.  How do I get this?

The protective features we've been discussing are included automatically with all framed products we create.  You can also get the protective laminate with selected 'Deluxe' print products.  Simply purchase any framed photo or Deluxe print to have this protection applied to your portraits; they will look (and feel) amazing for years to come.

Concern Frame with Glass Protective Laminate
Dust If dust gets in behind the glass it's difficult to clean
Brush away with a soft cloth, Swiffer, or new paintbrush
Liquid or Humidity Print can get stuck to the glass
Wipe away with a soft damp cloth. The coating is waterproof.
Fingerprints Glass shows fingerprints easily
Resists fingerprints so they don't show
UV Light (Fading)
Many types of glass do not filter UV light
Archival coating protects against UV light
Scratches Glass is durable, if scratched must be replaced
Coating is durable, if badly damaged your photo can be reprinted at cost.
Falling & Breaking Glass cracks or shatters into sharp pieces which will cut or scratch
Will not break, and because it's lighter weight there is usually less fall damage.

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