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SUB Photo Official PhotographerIf you're here, you're probably wondering: "Is this the right place to get my graduation photos?"  The short answer to that question is most likely "Yes!"

SUB Photo is the Official Photographer for most classes at the University of Alberta.  Being the 'official' photographer means that your graduating class or department has selected us to provide the grad photos, and we will give you something in return - such as a framed collection of the photos (called a "class composite") or a yearbook.  Occasionally a class will bring in an outside photographer - so to be certain, you can check with your grad council.

Sample Grad Photo CompositeDoes choosing your class' official photographer matter to you?  In some cases it should!  When SUB Photo is your official photographer, you'll automatically be included in the yearbook or photo composite we create.  We also support your graduating class with auction items, donations, website photos and more.  By choosing SUB Photo you will get great photos and  give some benefits to your class as well.

If your class chose an off-campus company (for some strange reason!) you'll still find that visiting SUB Photo has advantages.  We are open all year, and we are right on campus - so you can have photos taken when you want to, rather than whenever is convenient for them.  We are also usually cheaper than other companies, and we guarantee our work with our no-contest, no charge retake policy.  We even retake competitor's photos for free!

Come check us out; we promise you'll get photos you're happy with, and an experience that is professional and fun.


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