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SUB Photo Hours

SUB Photo takes grad photos for students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport and visa photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.


• 9:30am - 4:30pm

• Tues. May 4: 5:00 - 7:00pm

Available Weekends:

Photo appointments must be made in advance. Click here to visit our booking calendar.

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Photo Composites


Graduating classes, fraternities, sororites and faculty groups that wish to create a photo composite can visit SUB Photo!  We make the process both easy and affordable for you.

The details of creating a photo composite will vary according to what your group needs, as does the cost.  Graduating classes may even qualify for a no-charge photo composite!  Here are the steps we usually take:

  • Photo dates are arranged that work for your members.  This can be an exclusive time slot where our studio is reserved just for you; or your members can visit us within a wider time period so they can book at their convenience.
  • We compare your roster to the photos taken and have you follow up with missing group members.
  • Once everyone is photographed, we design the composite for you. Your logo can be included as well as other customizations.
  • You review and approve the final result; this can be shared with your class to look over.
  • We print and preserve the final design using archival materials.
  • Professional framing is included, and can usually be made similar to composites from past years.
  • Photos taken may be made available for yearbooks, membership records, etc. if required.
  • Optional: Photos can be made available for your members to download free.

The cost for this entire process including photography, design, printing and framing could be free!  The full cost is $750 +GST for frames smaller than 20x24", but graduating classes may qualify for a discount or even recieve this free with a photo agreement.

Some options that can be added, but may incur extra charges:

• Background style and colour of photos and/or composite
• Photos taken at your location instead of our studio
• Elaborate frame styles or larger sizes
• Fully retouched images for all portraits

Contact us for more details!


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