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Official Graduation Photo Information
for the Doctor of Dental Surgery CLASS OF 2022


SUB Photo is proud to be the official provider of graduation photos to U of A Dentistry (DDS) graduates this year!  If you want your photo to be included in the yearbook and the graduation photo composite, you've come to the right place.

It's easy!  All you have to do is visit us to have your grad photos taken.  Book a time with us using the link below, and have your photos taken before the deadline.  If you're worried you can't make it in time please let us know; we want you to be included with the rest of your class, and we'll do our best to make that possible.

Check out photo composites from the previous graduating classes at the link below, and make sure you're included in the newest edition by visiting us soon!

Appointment Calendar:

Book your photo session on the main SUB Photo calendar for more date and time options.

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DDS Exclusive Evenings:

Book your photos during evenings reserved for DDS graduates: April 19, 20, and 22.

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TL;DR: don't procrastinate!  Just click the BOOK YOUR PHOTOS button and visit us soon, and you'll be in the yearbook and on the photo composite. 

Composite Deadline: June 30.  SUB Photo will be assembling a photo composite after the portraits are all taken; work on the composite will take place in July so photos should be taken before then.  If you are worried you'll miss the deadline, please get in touch with us anyway.  If it's possible, we might still be able to fit you in. (No promises!)

You don't want to miss out on your place in the School of Dentistry's history!  Although it has been a while since the most recent composite was produced, we will be reviving it and creating one for the class of 2022 at no cost to you!  (Nice!)

Photo Selections: You will be able to choose your own photo for the yearbook and graduation composite if you wish.  Instructions can be found in your photo gallery at the top of the shopping cart.  If you don't choose a photo yourself, we will choose a suitable one from your set and make sure you are included.  Don't worry, we'll be nice!

Your Name on the Composite: All names will be verified against the official graduation list from the university, to make sure you finished your course requirements and are placed with the correct graduating class.  If you commonly use a different name than your legal records show, please share that with us when you make your Photo Selection.

Changes: Once the composite has been finalized and printed, CHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  This means we need to get it right the first time.  Fortunately we have a very good track record, and you'll also be able to review your composite listing before production.  Keep an eye on this page and follow our social media accounts for updates, so that when we post a proof of the composite you will be able to take a look!

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Dentistry Class of 2020

Thanks, COVID.  Unfortunately, graduation photos fell by the wayside last year - we didn't hear from any Dentistry class representatives.

If you would still like your photo taken, we have the official graduation attire and would be happy to capture your portraits for you and your family.  If there is enough interest we could gather the photos to create a composite for the class of 2020 - please contact us if you can help with reaching out to your classmates.

School of Dentistry Alumni pages

The University of Alberta School of Dentistry hosts photos from their long history on the alumni page of their website.  For a look back in time, check them out here:

School of Dentistry Class of 1942

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