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Faculty of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences


Official Graduation Photo Information
for the class of 2022


SUB Photo is proud to be the official provider of graduation photos to University of Alberta Human Ecology students again this year!  If you want to be included in the class photo composite you've come to the right place.

It's easy!  All you have to do is visit us to have your grad photos taken.  Just book a time online, whenever works for you, and if you have your photos taken before the deadline we guarantee you'll be included.  (Full deadline details below.)  If you're worried you can't make it please let us know; we want you to be included and we'll do our best to make that possible.

Check out composites from the past few years below; and make sure you're included in the newest edition by visiting SUB Photo soon!

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Photo Composites

When is best?  It's most common for people to have their photos taken during their last semester on campus.  Book earlier in the semester to avoid the year-end rush, both on our schedule and yours. 

Human Ecology students have two deadlines; the first one is to be included in the year-end slide show and other graduation events, and the second is a final deadline to be on the composite.  If you miss these deadlines you can still have photos taken for yourself and your family but your photo might not be included with your class.  Please come early so you don't miss out!

DEADLINE 1: MARCH 30, 2022
  • Photos will be ready before your graduation celebrations.

  • Final deadline for being included on the class photo composite.

Is it expensive? We don't want a lack of money to prevent you from being included!  A photo session costs just $25, but if you can't afford that please let us know.  We can arrange to take a photo of you just for the composite.

Emergency backup plan: If you missed your deadline, please get in touch with us anyway.  If the composite is not yet finished we might be able to fit you in still - no promises though!  We don't want you to miss out, so in any case we will include your name at the bottom.  (We will get your name from the University's convocation program.)

Photo Selections: You can choose your own photo for the composite if you wish.  Instructions can be found in your photo gallery at the top of the shopping cart.  If you don't choose a photo yourself, we will choose a suitable one from your set and make sure you are included.  Don't worry, we'll be nice!

Your Name on the Composite: All names will be verified against the official graduation list from the university, to make sure you finished your course requirements and are placed with the correct graduating class.  If you commonly use a different name than your legal records show, you can share that with us when you make your Photo Selection.

Changes: Once the composite has been finalized and printed, CHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  This means even if your favourite photo was not used, your name is spelled incorrectly, or you've been missed entirely there's no longer a chance to fix it.  Department policy prevents removing composites from the wall once they are on display, without exception. 

Thankfully, we've had a very good track record to date.  You also don't have to rely only on our accuracy - we will give you the opportunity to review your listing before production.  Keep an eye on this page and follow our social media accounts for updates, so that when we post a proof of the composite you will be able to take a look!

PHOTO DEADLINE: June 15, 2022

Have your photos taken before this date to make sure you are included on this year's composite.  Get in early to make sure you don't miss out! 

Expand the section above for more details.

Uh oh! Do you still want in?

Officially the deadline has passed; you can see the proof of the Class of 2021 photo composite below.  If your photo is supposed to be included please contact us asap!  We may still be able to fit you in - but time is very short.  Click Here to send us a message.

Human Ecology Class of 2021

This photo composite is NOT FINAL: details are still being reviewed for accuracy.  Please find your photo and share this link to others on the composite so we can have as many people verify the accuracy as possible.  If you see a change we should make, please Contact Us!

Click to enlarge:

Human Ecology Class of 2020

This photo composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.
(Click to view larger version.)

Human Ecology Class of 2019

This photo composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.
(Click to view larger version.)

Human Ecology Class of 2018

This photo composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.
(Click to view larger version.)

Human Ecology Class of 2017

This photo composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.
(Click to view larger version.)


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