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SUB Photo takes grad photos for students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport and visa photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.


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U of A Medical Laboratory Science

Updated November 24, 2020

U of A Medical Laboratory Science students - this page is just for you!  Here's information about your grad photos and how to be included on the class photo composite.

Class Logo SUB Photo is proud to be the official provider of grad photos to University of Alberta Medical Laboratory Science students again in 2021.  If you want to be included in this year's class photo composite you've come to the right place!

It's easy!  All you have to do is visit us to have your grad photos taken.  You can book a time online, whenever works for you, and as long as it's sometime before your graduation ceremony you'll be included.  We think it works best to take them while you are still in class, because once you graduate life can get pretty busy with new jobs and responsibilities, but the official deadline is July 30 of your ceremony year.

Check out last years' photo composite below the links, and make sure you're included in the newest edition by booking your time for grad photos today!

What you SHOULD do:
What you should NOT do:
Medical Lab Science - DO NOT DO THIS

How to be included on the Composite

MLS Class Photos - All the Details

As we mentioned, being included is pretty easy.  All you need to do is have your grad photos taken at SUB Photo!  If you don't procrastinate there should be no problem including you!

Deadline: Your 'grad year' is officially the year your convocation ceremony takes place; for most of you this means you will finish classes in April and be a part of the ceremony in June.  If by chance your last classes finish in December, your ceremony would take place the following June and your photo would appear with students who crossed the stage then.  If you believe you have missed your deadline, please get in touch anyway; if the final composite has not yet been printed we may still be able to squeeze you in!

Photo Selection: You can choose which photo we will use for you on the composite.  Your photo gallery will include instructions on how to do so.  If you forget, we will make a selection for you.

Names: Your name will be verified against the official records from the university before you are included; this is to ensure you finished all your course requirements and are placed with the correct graduating class.  If you commonly use a different name than your legal records show, you will be able to share that with us when you choose your photo.

Changes: Once the composite has been finalized and printed, CHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Department policy prevents removing composites once they are created and placed; you will have the opportunity to verify your listing before the composite is printed so please keep an eye out - watch this space, and stay subscribed to our SUB Photo Facebook Page to make sure you get updates!

2021 Photo Composite - BOOK NOW

Medical Laboratory Science - Class of 2021

Photos are being taken now!  When the proof has been prepared we will post it here for your review.  Until then, please sign up and make sure you are included!

Visit our Booking Calendar to make your own appointment.

2020 Photo Composite - Complete

MLS Class of 2020

This composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.  Congratulations to the graduates!
  Click to enlarge:

2019 Photo Composite - Complete

MLS Class of 2019

This composite is now on display at the University of Alberta.  Congratulations to the graduates!
  Click to enlarge:


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